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“AARAMBH” is a flagship initiative of Netratvshaala which includes a series of workshops cum competitions that will be organized at school, college and university levels to introduce the students to the world of entrepreneurship through a unique and interactive syllabus. Through this program, our aim is not only to educate them about the startup culture but also to help them turn their startup ideas into a reality by inculcating the necessary entrepreneurial skills that will help them thrive. We also provide mentorship and other support required in their journey.


Policy Cafe

A unique program in which youngsters interact with stakeholders and policymakers on different policies of the country and ask their questions. Every month on a fixed day, a topic from a wide range of policy affairs is chosen for discussion. The meeting is informal. The points of discussion and suggestions that came out through this interaction are noted and uploaded into a national database. It is a knowledge-sharing session where we aim to push youth to come up with new and creative ideas to tackle pressing issues.



Netratvshaala offers an opportunity for students to do policy research under the guidance of policy experts. The objective is to collaborate with various government and non-government organizations to roll out relevant and interesting projects that create value for all stakeholders, and also train young people who aspire to work in policy-making affairs.

Our Eco system partners

We, at Netratvshaala, believe in Leadership – of the people, by the people, for the people. Leadership that is integrated and inter-sectional spanning across three domains of public life, namely Governance, Politics, and Entrepreneurship, based on our philosophy of Ideate, Lead and Change.

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